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55 Years
We get everything
into shape.

55 Years

We get everything into shape.
We are a medium-sized company based in Roth near Nuremberg, Germany. Starting with 2D/3D construction, our product range includes the entire production process for the manufacture of injection and die-casting tools.




Mold making

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Technologies in
day-to-day business


While conventional cooling can only be applied by drilling and is usually straight, with near-contour cooling with ZLM (3D printing) the cooling can be applied in 3D along the contour. This way, it can be adapted to the geometry in the case of complicated courses (e.g. spirals).


In selective laser melting (SLM), metal powder is deposited in a thin layer on a base plate and then remelted by laser radiation under inert gas.

In the DED technology, the metal powder is transported with inert gas through a nozzle, where it is melted by a laser and applied one after the other.

Process-reliable spraying technology

Quality problems and additional financial expenditure due to high wear of the die casting molds can be prevented with the implementation of a process-reliable spraying technology. This is done by using different spray nozzles and / or complete systems from different suppliers, taking existing technology into account.

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"High Performance - Precision - Reliability"

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